Ultimate Fridge Repairs Guide

Your fridge is your home’s workhorse. It keeps food cool all day, all night. As it puts in a hard day’s work, troubles might arise. What next when it goes on the fritz? Follow this guide from AC & Refrigeration Canberra to get your refrigerator up and running again.

Leaking Fridge

Pools on the kitchen floor or inside the fridge? This problem is easy to fix as there are 3 main culprits – your defrost drain, drain pan and door gaskets.

Fridge is Too Loud

Refrigerators make sounds, but humming, buzzing, whirring or vibrating isn’t normal. Try these fixes:

Level the refrigerator: Use a wrench to turn your fridge’s levelling legs. Do this with the door halfway open. Keep adjusting ‘til the door swings shut.

Adjust the icemaker: If your fridge buzzes every 10-15 minutes, with the buzz lasting about 5 seconds, the icemaker is trying to make ice but can’t because the water isn’t on. Check if the supply valve is attached to the fridge and isn’t leaking.

Replace evaporator fan: This fan maintains an even temperature and is rattling due to worn or faulty rubber grommets.

Place fridge on a soundproofing mat: Dense foam mats reduce the vibration fridge legs pass onto the floor.

Fridge or Freezer Isn’t Cold enough

Is the milk going bad quickly? When you touch the wire rack, is it as cold as usual?

Adjust temperature settings: Someone may have accidentally adjusted the thermostat to a higher temperature.

Inspect door gaskets: Clean the door seals with warm water and apply a thin layer of Vaseline. Replace the seal if it’s worn, torn or cracked.

Check for blockage: Towering items in the fridge block the flow of cold air. Remove all tall items from the back.

Clean condenser coils: Filthy coils reduce your unit’s cooling efficiency. If your home has pets or lots of traffic, clean the coils every three months. With a household vacuum that has a long, thin attachment, suck up dirt around the coils. Be careful not to snap a coil – a costly fix requiring a technician.

Add more items: A fridge that’s low on food items doesn’t stay as cool as one stuffed with many items. But don’t cram your refrigerator as this blocks the freezer vents.

Fridge is Too Cold

You want your fridge to be cold – but if it freezes over, replace the thermostat. Unplug the fridge; then open the chilling compartment. Using a screwdriver, remove the assembly cover. Lift the cover gently as it’s attached to the unit with wires.

The thermostat is a bronze-coloured metal device. It’s attached to a capillary tube and copper wires. Take a picture of the wire arrangement and duplicate it as you install the new thermostat. Pull the wires out to access the tube and remove it. After the new thermostat installation, attach the capillary tube and assembly cover.

Hire a Technician

DIY fridge repair is no sweat so long as you’re equipped and experienced. For in-depth diagnosis and maintenance, work with an expert mechanic. Most refrigerator fixes are complex. Savvy DIYers know that all too well and that’s why they trust the pros.

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